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Hair modelling

I was hair modelling for Kirsi Lundén. She's gonna have her final examn to be a haird dresser in tuesday and I'll be the head that carries her masterpiece!
At first she dyed my hair and bleached the roots to be pure white. It was interesting to see someone else do the color that I usually do myself. The mobile quality won't show it at all, though, but Kirsi did amazing job! Anyways, here's the blowdried hair that she started to work with:

(And because I was spending there time from 9 AM to 5 PM I had to have some energy with me. ;) )

And so Kirsi began to build a tight ponytail.
 The ponytail had this donut shaped thing that I don't know the english word for. Some extensions were attached and warming rolls added.

Slooowly creating some waves!

And here's the result. (My hair color is actually blue turquoise). There will probably be just a couple little changes to improve it even more but I think Kirsi did awesome job again! Let's give her thumbs up to get …