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LARP corner: Vigor Mortis II

I was very touched of how many supporting comments I received after the previous post - thank you so much! I've been also clearing my head, talking things through. Some things might not be that terrible, and leaving Turku doesn't feel that bad anymore. Also having some good sleep has been very helpful. Everything will work out. I apologize for being so cryptical - I don't want to give too much details of my private life to publicity. I just want that my readers can understand what I'm going through, at least just a bit.

Anyways! Today I wanted to share a couple shots from Vigor Mortis II. Vigor Mortis was a larp, somewhat based on Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. My character Kathy was a young were anaconda (:D) who was adpoted with her siblings by the richest master vampire in town. She grew up in a club, having the "laissez-faire" attitude and life full of nothing but parties, drugs and sex. Oh well, whatever happened during the g…

Moving to Helsinki

Life is weird. You may think you know the near future - but anything can happen. My life is  a complete mess at the moment and I don't have much strenght to write updates. I'm so sorry for that. I feel guilty for neglecting you, my dear readers. Without you this blog wouldn't exist. I hope you understand. I hope things will get better soon: I'm running away from this city by moving to Helsinki. Funny. I quite rarely escape - and part of the reasons for my location switch is my new job - but at the moment I really do feel like I'm escaping. Escaping from images, smells and sad decay.

In the end, everything will work out okay. Knowing that helps only a little bit when the moments are eating me alive - but soon I get to settle down into new surroundings. That brings so much other things to concentrate on. New places, new atmospheres, new home - new people.

It's not that I would hate things in Turku. There are secret places that only few know here, there are all t…