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Time to break the silence!

There were some issues with the template service today. Luckily they fixed it quite fast! Sorry about the break.

As you have probably noticed, I haven't really done any photoshoots for a while. There are several reason why I kept myself away from sets: stress, hurry... and my skin. I mentioned on Facebook that my skin acts as an indicator of my mood climate. Yeah. It reeeeeeeallllllly did...

Due to all stress and hormonal contraception my acne decided to explode. I had pretty damn painful pimples and they got infected all the time even though I avoided touching them, changed my pillow case, wiped my mobile phone screen etc etc etc... And it got even worse. My pores got wider and the surface was so dry that no moisturizer helped. I don't think I have ever had so bad skin reaction. I even tried to change my cosmetic products but nööööyp. Nothing helped. So I decided to turn to a professional. After a month of treatments my face is starting to look almost normal. I still get pim…

Vastaus rahanlupauskirjeeseen

Sain tänään tärkeää meiliä. Minulle luvattiin rahaa! Tilaisuushan on aivan uskomattoman hieno, joten ajattelin myös vastata kirjeeseen. Kas tässä:

"Tervehdin teitä Jeesuksen nimessä.
Haluan lukea tämän kirjeen hyvin koska tiedän sinun tulee yllätyksenä saatuaan kirjeeni vaan sinä elävän Jumalan sinun pitäisi tietää, että tapamme ei ole hänen tavoin hän työskentelee monilla eri tavoilla ja kaikki sujuu hyvin hyvän niil
le, jotka uskovat Kristuksessa Jeesuksessa.

Älä sivuuttaa tämän viestin, koska olet valinnut työskennellä tämän projektin.

Olen rouva Ella Joice Baker maasta Yhdistynyt Kuningaskunta, olen naimisissa Chief. Steve George Baker ennen kuolemaansa lämmöltä hyökkäys, joka kestää vain 1 päivä.
Edesmennyt mieheni oli hyvin varakas liikemies ja hänen kuolemansa jälkeen, olen perinyt kaikki hänen liiketoiminnan ja vaurautta.
Viime aikoina minun lääkäri teki selväksi minulle, että en voi elää yli kuukauden, joten nyt päätin jakaa osa vaurauden, edistää kehitystä orpo…

My new job! ^^

I mentioned that I've got a new job. As many of you know, my main job is in the game industry. Previously I worked as team lead - but my new job description is...


...Online Community Manager! That's like a dream come true! Doesn't ring a bell? Basicly this means that I'm responsible for our online communities and social networks. And that means I actually work with social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog etc - and even get paid for it. Of course community manager does a lot more than just updates Facebook. This time the analytics really do count and it does matter whether you use hashtags or not or whether a picture is posted at 9AM or 7PM. It's actually pretty interesting and I've learned alot during the last two months. I've enjoyed this so much and it seems like I finally found a job that feels like it's just the right for me.

Note: This entry isn't sponsored and it's not part of my working tasks directly - but …

My new home - Alternative decoration

Hello, darklings. Almost all of my stuff is now in Helsinki. My home still lacks some furnitures but  the boxes are now extracted. Most of my decoration is somewhat "pagan goth chick goes oriental" but my kitchen is more like this sweet deco vintage stuff with cupcakes, pastel colors and candy!

I like the vestibule. I chose classically black and red. The cockatiel drawing marks for the bird room. My friend Mervi made it. She is very skilled artist and I just love that drawing so much!

 This little table I found from a trash pick up.

That card was sent by my friend Laura. She congratulated me for my birthday. I wanted to put the card there because it just fits. Laura is a wise, intelligent person and seeing the card gives me strenght and wisdom. "What would Laura do?"

And this lovely heart shaped candelabra was given as souvenir by my beautiful friend Vesna. I miss her and I'm also sorry for not giving her my time as much as she deserved. She's such an inte…