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Dressing Mimia Masquerade Teasers vol 1

@ Turku, Logomo(Photos: Matti Vahtera)

Poizen Industries

Something for Poizen Industries catalogue 2013!
Photo: Jenni Kaurila / Studio Nevian Design: Jenni Salmela  Brand: Poizen Industries

Sponsored review: GEO EyesCream Vanilla Brown

Tänään on luvassa tuplahyviä uutisia! Ensimmäisenä: Olen saanut uudet linssit sponsoroitua arvostelua varten. Tällä kertaa kyseessä on aivan uusi brandi, jonka Geo on juuri lanseerannut: EyesCream. Piakkoin pääset lukemaan, minkälainen on tämän merkin herkullinen väri "Vanilla brown"!
Today is for double good news! First: I have received new lenses for sponsored review. This time it's a new brand that Geo has recently launched and it's called EyesCream. Soon you'll get to read a review about delicious "Vanilla Brown"!

Eikä siinä kaikki! Sain Geolta oman alennuskuponkibannerin blogilleni. Nyt voit saada 10% alennusta kirjoittaessasi 'shadowselves10' checkoutin aikana. Niin mahtavaa! Ja nyt asiaan:
...And that's not all! I received my own discount code banner! Now you can get 10% discount when entering 'shadowselves10' during the checkout! How awesome is that! And now to the business:
GEO XMU-A14 - EyesCream: Vanilla BrownDiameter: 14.5m…

Innocent catalogue

Innocent has launched some awesome new clothing and I was honored to model some of them! My own style is closer to rock/goth/punk/neovictorian so wearing something different feels quite fun and interesting! The best thing is that one can discover liking about a clothe she wouldn't usually try on. Innocent could be described as fresh, light weighted brand which mixes fairy-style, sweet-hippie and just a hint of goth. Their design is rather unique and interesting. Have a look!
Photographer: Jenni Kaurila / Studio Nevian
Design: Innocent Clothing Brand: Innocent
Model: Shadow Self
MUA: Shadow Self

Vixxsin Autumn / Winter 2013

It's time for new catalogue post! Vixxsin, Poizen Industries and Innocent clothing are here again! ...And guess who's the cover girl for Vixxsin! So, let's start with this wickedly cool brand designed partly by most wonderful, kind and lovely Jenni Salmela. Prepare your(shadow)selves for some awesome clothes you would die for! Ladies... and gentlemen...
Vixxsin catalogue, Autumn / Winter 2013
Photographer: Jenni Kaurila / Studio Nevian Design:Evil Clothing Brand: Vixxsin Model: Shadow Self MUA: Shadow Self
 This one was one of my major favourites. Gives you an instant level-up in being hawt! Warm and cosy but killer cool jacket wit fake fur collar and hood! Photographer: Jenni Kaurila / Studio NevianDesign:Evil ClothingBrand: Vixxsin

Photographer: Jenni Kaurila / Studio NevianDesign:Jenni Salmela /Evil ClothingBrand: Vixxsin

Photographer: Jenni Kaurila / Studio NevianDesign:Jenni Salmela /Evil ClothingBrand: Vixxsin

And again one of my favourites! This interesting swea…