Innocent catalogue

Innocent has launched some awesome new clothing and I was honored to model some of them! My own style is closer to rock/goth/punk/neovictorian so wearing something different feels quite fun and interesting! The best thing is that one can discover liking about a clothe she wouldn't usually try on. Innocent could be described as fresh, light weighted brand which mixes fairy-style, sweet-hippie and just a hint of goth. Their design is rather unique and interesting. Have a look!

Photographer: Jenni Kaurila / Studio Nevian
Design: Innocent Clothing
Brand: Innocent
Model: Shadow Self
MUA: Shadow Self


  1. Nää on jotenkin sopivan letkeitä, mutta silti vähän jotain spessua. ^__^

    Hauskaa nähdä sua hieman hempeämpänä! ♥
    Tykkään muuten tuosta viimeisestä paidasta ja kuvasta, tosi veikeä vilkahdus helma-selkä-osio. :)

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  2. Oi kun oot suloinen tuossa leveähelmaisessa kukkamekossa! tuitui ^^


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