My new job! ^^

I mentioned that I've got a new job. As many of you know, my main job is in the game industry. Previously I worked as team lead - but my new job description is...


...Online Community Manager! That's like a dream come true! Doesn't ring a bell? Basicly this means that I'm responsible for our online communities and social networks. And that means I actually work with social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog etc - and even get paid for it. Of course community manager does a lot more than just updates Facebook. This time the analytics really do count and it does matter whether you use hashtags or not or whether a picture is posted at 9AM or 7PM. It's actually pretty interesting and I've learned alot during the last two months. I've enjoyed this so much and it seems like I finally found a job that feels like it's just the right for me.

Have you ever seen me wearing a T-shirt?! :D
Note: This entry isn't sponsored and it's not part of my working tasks directly - but everything counts when building a community. So what I would love you (especially game lovers!) to do is to join our company's social media. Feel free to share too if something interesting comes around. :)

Nitro Games Facebook
Nitro Games Google+
Nitro Games Twitter
Nitro Games Instagram

Even if not interested in games, you may find a little bit different kind of pictures of me and also material that won't be posted in Shadow Selves (For example this album). ^^ AND you get the latest news of our games and stuff. Especially stuff. Yeah. And by stuff I mean coupons, contests and other... stuff! Anyways! Join, share, like, retweet and so on. :3

And don't forget to follow my own Facebook page. ^^


Shadow Self


  1. Tuo Nitro Games Facebook-linkki ei pelitä. :(

    1. Testaahan nyt! Hyvä kun sanoit. :) Tuohon oli juuri otettu custom url, joten johtui varmastikin siitä!


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