Time to break the silence!

Annoyed because of the template issues.
There were some issues with the template service today. Luckily they fixed it quite fast! Sorry about the break.

As you have probably noticed, I haven't really done any photoshoots for a while. There are several reason why I kept myself away from sets: stress, hurry... and my skin. I mentioned on Facebook that my skin acts as an indicator of my mood climate. Yeah. It reeeeeeeallllllly did...

Due to all stress and hormonal contraception my acne decided to explode. I had pretty damn painful pimples and they got infected all the time even though I avoided touching them, changed my pillow case, wiped my mobile phone screen etc etc etc... And it got even worse. My pores got wider and the surface was so dry that no moisturizer helped. I don't think I have ever had so bad skin reaction. I even tried to change my cosmetic products but nööööyp. Nothing helped. So I decided to turn to a professional. After a month of treatments my face is starting to look almost normal. I still get pimples (they said that it's unfortunately hormonal in my case) but the scars aren't that dark anymore and the moisture balance is quite okay.

I will write more about the subject later with before and after pictures. But anyways! Tomorrow...

Random shot of my midsummer party make up.

There's a workshop I'm attending. My decision of participating came rather spontaneously so at the moment I'm lacking pretty much everything from ideas to clothing. We'll see what happens! Anyways, this means that soon you will receive more material.

I will also try to activate my social media channels a bit. Perhaps a giveaway would make you excited.

So follow this blog and invite your friends too: there will be more cool stuff! Remember that I also have an Instagram account. Oh, and there's a little poll on the upper right corner. I'd like to know whether you'd rather read my blog in Finnish or English.

I'm back.


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