Makeup tutorial: Something Dark

Here's a short makeup tutorial. I got a bit bored, after healing my self inside four walls after the surgery, so I decided to play with makeups a bit. I did just something quite average, nothing that special. :) Basic dark eye-makeup with very large eyeliners and as a cherry on the top - some mint green liquid liner.

Here we go!

 Plain face and a shower fresh Shadow Self. :)

 Because I'm about to use mineral makeup powder-foundation, I add concealer before the foundation. Otherwise the foundation might get marbled.

 Adding lighter color to your eye corners and under-eyes gives much fresher look and brings the eyes out!

 I start with lower lid to see what is a logical place to draw the upper lid line. I want to do some biiiig liners this time so I leave some empty space between the dark line and my lower lash line. I draw the line with black eyeshadow.

And then some liquid eyeliner. I'm gonna make it quite huge, coverin more than half of the upper lid, so the best way for me in this case is to start from outer corner, pulling the pencil towards the inner corner, pull by pull. At first I draw it "about right" and then I do the same thing to my other eye. After that I fix and then I draw the sharp outer triangles. This is how I get the symmetry that I want.

 When doing especially huge liners it might be harder to see where it is wise to put the eyeshadow. That's why - even though I usually always put the eyeshadow before the liner - in this case I do the shadows after the liner.
 Then I added some metallic mint green liquid liner to give some flashy effect. After that I checked out if the black liner needed some strenghtening.

 And this is my magic tool. This is Lumene's makeup powder, Inkiväärikerma. This one adds an exquisite soft layer that seems to give to final touch to any skin makeup. It can be used just alone but I like to use it in photoshoots since it really makes the skin almost supernaturally good looking and smooth.

 ...Like this!

 And here we go! After some finishing, tuning and finalising it looks like this. I quite often do the last check after everything is there. I check out that the liners are good and add color to places that aren't well saturated. I blend, smooth, smudge the eyeshadow yet a bit and see that everything is okay.


  1. Meikkileikit on aina kivoja piristään! ♥
    Kaiken rypemisen ja möhmöilyn jälkeen tuntee itsensä taas jotenkin ihmiseksi. :P

    Aah..paksut rajaukset ♥ ♥ mun lempparia! :)
    Sulla on niin kauniit silmät ja osaat kyllä tuon meikkailun taidon ihan liian hyvin..lisää näitä! :D

    Tykkäilen myös lumenen puuterista, tainnut aina käytää niitä. Omani onkin aprikoositee-sävyinen mineraalimeikkipuuteri. Kiinnostaisi muutenkin mineraalimeikkejä testailla joskus enemmän, jos sitä olisi joskus rahaa. :P

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  2. Oi, meikkituto! Kiitos tästä :D hih, mieki monesti vain kulutan aikaa kokeilemalla eri meikkejä, se on kivaa. Vähän niinkuin maalaisi mutta vaan omaan naamaan.

  3. Jee,meikkipostaus!;) Täytyykin kokeilla joku päivä:)


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