Jane Bond 007 - 24/7 Is Not Enough

I've been a bit tired lately. I've managed to overbook myself even outside work. When having a strict schedule, I'm not a big fan of any changes in it. I become rather stressed and since having IBS, my digestion can hardly tolerate such.

I had an interesting photoshoot about a week ago. This is the best shot from the shoot. The photographer is Johan Robertsson and the other model is Joni from Modelboom.

Everything didn't go as planned, though. Actually for me, pretty much nothing was planned. ;D One of the four photographers wrote to me and asked if I could do also MUA for "that photoshoot tomorrow", since their make up artist had harmed her arm. I went pale and gasped "What photoshoot...?" There had been a very unfortunate mishap: I was supposed to be in one email list to get information about one photoshoot that was supposed to be quite big. But due to human error my email was forgotten to add to that list and I hadn't received the correct date. Because the photographers in that group are awesome and great and I knew they would be in big trouble, nevertheless, I promised to come. Both modelling and doing the MUA.

So, after my working day, I had about one hour time to get myself a dress and shoes. Then I had to go to my singing lessons. Late in the evening I also washed my hair and packed all my equipments for the next day - and then I went to sleep. Knowing that I wasn't as prepared as I would have wanted to be.

And badam. All that stress. My stomach decided to start to rebel at night. I could hardly sleep because of that pain. The next day - the shooting day - nothing stayed in. I started to dehydrate, no matter how much I tried to drink water. Even though I couldn't eat much during the day, I gathered liquid weight several kilograms and felt swollen and tired. Then I run home from work, having less than hour time to go to shower, gather my stuff, do my hair and go to the photoshooting scene to Bar Bryssel.

Oh, what a mess I was. I was in such a hurry doing double make ups and I couldn't focus at all. My tummy hurt like hell, I felt like an ass pulled humpback whale and still I was supposed to be somehow beautiful.  Nooo-ope. I haven't yet seen all the photos but for now, only about three of them was something I wasn't somewhat ashamed of. Joni was great and professional and I felt like a trashy junkie next to him. :D Even though the hurry and stress wasn't originally my fault at all, I just wanted to say to everyone how sorry I was for looking like Mervi. On that day, I wasn't worth all that talent near to me.

If it was just any little shoot it would have been okay, but I seldom get such opportunities to do a shoot with so many photographers at the same time, in such a wonderful place like Bar Bryssel! Did I learn something, then? I this kind of cases, I must learn to say no to any extra tasks. And overall, no make up doings for anyone else, if I'm modelling myself. There's no time to relax. And I most definately should try to clean my calender a bit to have at least one completely free day a week.


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