"I will guide the blind in darkness though I cannot see myself
I will whisper in a deaf ear while I know you cannot speak
And I hear rumours about angels…"
                                                         - Diary of Dreams: Blind in Darkness

Nothing much to say. I've always wanted to try this make up. Something a bit creepy, something soulless. Here's the result.

I wanted to create something that wouldn't be necessarily beautiful, but more like something scary, doll-like and unrealistic. Therefore I didn't want to make for example any eyebrows. That would have probably looked too animeish. I also didn't want any lashes. But, I am quite happy with the results.

I also took some making off material that is quite hilarious. But I'll show that later!


Shadow Self


  1. Ihan mielettömän upeita kuvia! Ja tuo meikki! En kyllä ymmärrä miten pystyt tohon :D

  2. This is AMAZING! :o You really do look soulless. Like a doll or sumthin'. Kinda scary - yet alluring.


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