"Very Inspiring Blogger" award & challenge


I received this award from Lady Satin of Enchantment of Satin. It's a funny thing - She is actually my cousin's wife's daughter but we have never really met! And we actually just lately "found" each other, kind of by accident. She's participating in this fashion show in which I will be modelling this spring!

This award contains a challenge to write 5 facts about myself.

1. I get these mood seasons with a certain theme. It can be anything: a color, style, food or something. I've had for example pink season, steampunk season, partybecauseyoujusthaveto season, turquoise season, political season and watermelon season (just the picture/color/pattern, I don't like the taste). At the moment I'm going through "icy and light" season and "pink grape fruit with sugar and cinnamon" season. (Picture on left from my neo victorian season, taken by Tiina Salminen.)

2. I often wonder the big question of how to make my life to be exactly what I want it to be. I honestly don't think it's good living if one has to work 80% of time. We are working so that we could provide us living. If we don't have time to live, there won't be that great need for money either. Complicated. We work to pay our doctor bills that come into being because we work too much.

3. In 2012 about this time of the year I was at the hospital for kidney infection. I didn't feel sick that much and I actually just spent my time playing Nintendo DS.

4. I envy those people who have only one dear hobby. It's quite hard to try to do things with birds, blogs, science, politics, make up, games, human signal study, partying, larp, modelling or drawing etc.

5. My favourite scents are coconut, vanilla, mango, passion fruit, green apple, cherry and ginger bread (and any christmas scents! Body shop' christmas season products are nom <3). I hate lavender! Even if I get lavender products as a gift I couldn't use them. Gives me such a head ache!

I'll give this award to following blogs (this time only two, I'm gonna watch a movie now. :) )

Luurankoja Kaapissa
Jack The Materialist


  1. Voi, ihana! Tuli jotenkin niin hyvä mieli tuosta sinun alkutekstistä <3 Onneksi törmättiin :)

  2. Awwies. :) You look cute even when you are ill. (Also, true nerd clearly!)


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