Bad selfie week

I do a lot of selfies. Even when you may not even see that they are selfies. But I quite rarely do those comical-concidered duckfaces, mirror selfies or such. It's not that I have much against them - I just think I have the equipment to offer better quality and that's what I personally enjoy more than mobile quality. Then I saw some post where the author wrote about selfies in kind of a harsh way. He had picked up some random selfies from random people and had something bad to say about each. Yes, some of them were very embarrassing, but most of them just made me think "So? What's so terrible in this one?". The author did mention that some of the selfies are irritating because he didn't see that his face would be worth of taking pictures. Kind of sad, in many ways. But the main thougth that woke up was this:

People take selfies, because we are curious to have a view about ourselves. Those who have the perfect self-esteem are rare, and a little snapshot might actually show you that hey, you are not that bad after all. Then why do we share it to the other people? To be all me-me-me? Maybe partly, but guess what? Quite many things you do are quite "me-me-me", you know why? Because it's your life. It would be pretty damn lonely if we never shared when we were happy or proud of ourselves. Some people judge that but oh well. That's again another issue. If someone doesn't really want to share the happiness or good self-esteem, it's okay. Maybe there are those who are good just being happy by themselves and that is totally fine. But there are also those who need the social communication and encouragements from their friends. It feels nice. Why would it be bad thing to feel nice? Why do some people have to replace the words "feeling good about herself" with the words "narcissistic bragging"?

If you have had some good excercise and want to take a picture of the results because it makes you feel better and makes the results more concrete, just take the picture! Inside cars the light is usually quite good: if you happen to look good when sitting inside a car, just take that picture. Selfies aren't supposed to be professional quality. You don't have to think about the background. (Okay, just make sure there's no-one taking dumps behind you or such. ) It's not like you are supposed to be doing some masterpiece of Arts Academy. You are just documenting yourself. Taking memories of moments when you felt good. And if that capture helps your self-esteem and gives you better mood, wouldn't it be worth it? World is rather depressing allready - why wouldn't we try to enjoy when we can?

My friends joked that I should take some sort of a bad selfie. The idea actually went further. To encourage people to have a little bit fun I had a bad selfie week. During the week I did some common "mistakes" while taking a bunch of selfies. (I aimed to those that are a bit more innocent since I want to encourage people to have fun - not to be stupid.)

The week began with the legendary...


And then came the bath room picture, using mirror!

 But this wasn't enough: viewers (read: Nea :D) had their wish come true.

And then came the toilet seat pictures!

 ...And shower pose!

And of course the "yes, I am taking it by myself" picture with arm.

And shooting your body through the mirror with only little clothes on - usually to show your awesome abs! I didn't have that sort of material but I found my surgery scar poses!

And here's the "I have a new piercing" -picture.

...And thanks to Sami, I actually did finally have also this one awkward shot. ;)

Anyways. Have fun when taking photos: Don't take it too seriously. :) The most important thing is to be happy.


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