I took a new piercing, medusa aka philtrum. I had been dreaming about vertical labret but since my normal labret is still kicking it couldn't be done. I still wanted... something. I usually don't do scars to my skin without really concidering but this time I had some adrenaline flowing - and I wanted to do something spontaneous. I asked the piercing studio worker to recommend something. She thought jestrum wouldn't suit me for my thin upper lip, but a medusa would be lovely. I have love/hate-relationship towards the medusa and my boyfriend didn't like them that much, but for some reason I decided to do it.

To be honest, at first... I hated it. I had a couple rougher days and I hadn't slept much, and for some reason I though I looked like someone drew a line from my nose to my lips. The ball felt too big and everything was wrong. But this is actually a good example of how it affects me if I am tired. After an exhausting week I finally had a chance to sleep one good night and when I woke up... I suddenly loved it! It might be also because the swelling had reduced a lot that it looked much better. Now I feel like it belongs there and would definately not want to take it off! I kinda like how it's a bit more visible than normal labret and it gives this idea like I had a little drop of rain on my lips, haha!

Anyways, I like it. :) Here are some pics!



  1. Hihihi..ihania kuvia ♥
    Uusi pallukka näyttää kyllä hyvältä, hienoa kun tykästyit loppujen lopuksi. Se täydentää jotenkin alapuolen lävistystä, etenkin sun upeiden huulien kanssa!

    En yleensä pidä huulen yläpuolisista lävistyksistä, koska niistä tulee jotenkin maiskutteleva vaikutus, mutta jos on keskellä ja etenkin vielä alhaallakin, niin sitten näyttää hyvältä. Iiih..tulee ikävä mun edesmenneitä lävistyksiä! x)

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Mullakin on tosiaan hiukan ristiriitainen suhtautuminen noihin, mutta tähän tykästyin! Tosin! Yhä, jos olen tosi väsynyt tai iho ei näytä hyvältä, silloin toikaan ei näytä. Mutta jos muut asiat ovat kohdillaan, se on aika awesome. :)

  2. The medusa really suits you! It looks so dainty on your face, but totally badass at the same time :D

    1. Thank you! Haha, you make it sound even more awesome than I though. :D


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