Sangre azul - Blue-blooded

There is something that I love in blue and its' tones. I do love also red and pink - but they can easily be even cheesy and too aggressive. On its' best, red color can give a message about power, vitality and passion. Though, if not used carefully, red can scream for wrong things. Power can become dominance and passion might turn tacky. Inside I will always be a redhead - but there are reasons why blue fits me better in certain stages of life.

I'm going through a phase where I'm aiming to inner peace and deep self-contact. I imbibe inspiration from mysticism and self-examination.

Blue signals for peace, intelligence, distance and trustworthiness. Also blue can be a sign of power but it's different from the fiery lion power of red. Blue gives a message about nobility and wise authority, calming down a bit at the same time. Ever wondered why the police has blue uniform instead of red?

Random fact: Did you know that the term blue-blooded, used to describe nobles, comes from spanish term sangre azul. Back in the days, workers had more tan in their skins whereas the nobles were more pale, causing the veins to be seen more clearly through the skin.

Yesterday I was sinking into my thoughts and enjoying the gloomy weather. Everything was silent and beautiful, and my inner poet girl was trembling to get loose. I'm looking forward to feel the first heavy spring rains.


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