Dancing under storm

I've been a bit tired lately. I've managed to overbook myself - again, haha. Oh well, at least everything I'm doing is gonna be very much fun!

First of all, yesterday I was hair and makeup modeling. Second thing is a little surprise. It's gonna be a little video clip - but you'll find out more about it later.

Next week I'm gonna perform two lectures about parrot training. That's a thing I've been waiting for long and it will be so nice to meet all my animal trainer friends and also the new faces! But have to admit: it's been a lot of work creating the presentations. Tomorrow I'll visit a person who might need some help with a parrot. Then I'm applying for scolarship. That's not so fun to do, planning all the budjet stuff and such - but if I get the grant money I can make one of my dreams come true: my book. I've been writing it forever but it needs some fixing alot. I guess it's maybe a one year's job or less. About parrots, again. :)

And next week's Friday there might a steampunk photo shoot! And because of that I'm meeting the photographer tomorrow. Phew! How can an unemployed manage to get herself into this kind of situation, haha! But that's okay. As I said, everything I'm gonna do is something I enjoy and that may actually change the "unemployed" status.

It's kind of like I'm dancing under storm, inside controlled chaos. I'm focusing so hard that its like life would be slightly desaturated with a couple colored spots. My feeling reminds sort of one photo shoot I once had with Tiina Moilanen:

Photo: Tiina Moilanen / Photogothic.net
Post-production: Shadow Self
 I feel kind of strong, even powerful, knowing I'm controlling all this mess around me. But there aren't much room for emotions. In some things I even need my cunning, sinking in to this "switch to techno magical cyber creature" mode. Okay, this is veeery hard to explain. :D

I've been drinking coffee a LOT! And today we ran out of it. I didn't even realize how hooked up I was before the first cup I just drank. My God, must have been the best cup of coffee EVER, even though it was some cheep brand! It was like Tenacious D's song Tribute - only as coffee version. "The best coffee in the world, it was the best coffee in the wo-o-oooorld!"

...Which gets me to music. Before that coffee I was a bit blue. I tend to listen to music that either suits or alters my mood. And this song was exactly what I needer earlier today:

Harvest Bell is a Finnish band. My boyfriend was their session keyboardist. This song, Afterglow, was uploaded to Youtube today and is probably my favourite from Harvest Bell. :3 I like the guitars especially!

Today I had my Tribal Fusion classes, again. It's been so nice and it's also fun to see that I'm developing. It's much easier to use both shoulder and hip movements now than two weeks ago! Today we did the "snake hands". I liked it! Hands are one of the prettiest things in Tribal Fusion, I think. My teacher was very kind and actually helped me with that surprise project that I mentioned.

I have a bit hard time writing longer posts with two different languages. Hope you don't mind. But if you'd prefer also to see the Finnish translation every time, feel free to comment. It's not that much trouble for me.

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With love,

Shadow Self


  1. Olipas siinä asiaa! Piti ihan tulla takaisin paremmalla ajalla lukemaan, vaikka kävinkin jo aiemmin kurkkimassa kivaa uutta ulkoasua ja postausta. ;)
    Sulla on niin upea tyyli kirjoittaa, oon tainnu aiemminkin sanoa, mutta kuvailet asioita kauniisti, tulet kirjoituksesi kanssa jotenkin lähelle, lämpöisesti, ja teet ihanan yllättäviä sanavalintoja tai jotain muuta, joka pitää lukijan hereillä. Repesin tolle Tenacious D-jutulle! Voin niin kuvitella ton laulettuna kahville..khihihi xD

    Kaaos näyttää useinkin ulkoapäin enemmän kaaokselta, mitä itselle..joskus kyllä stressaantuu etenkin kaikesta mitä "pitää" tehdä ja miten ne pitäisi tehdä. Vihaan tuota sanaa ja näen punaista heti sen kuultuani. Oon täällä jot tutinoinu, että mitä upeuksia sieltä tulee, videota, steampunk-kuvauksia jne, on varmasti jotain niin upeaa, että tulee taas se pieni kateuden ääni tuolta jostain, kun mun mielestä olet niin upea ja mahtava, kun jaksat olla positiivinen, toteuttaa kaikkea nauttimaasi ja puskea eteenpäin. <3

    Tsemppiä luennoille ja apurahan hakuiluun! ^__^
    Tulipas pölöteltyä taas kauheesti, huomaa heti kuinka paljon enemmän aikaa on keskittyä, kun pikkuneiti on hetken poissa kotoa.

    ~ Frillycakes ~


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