Born to raise Hell!

I asked suggestions for today's make up. Hedda was fast and asked for Satan! Hell yeah! :D I asked her to clarify a bit, since I had a couple options in my mind. Hedda wanted to see a traditional she-devil make up (though, she said it would be also interesting to see me as a masculine version!).

I was a bit in a hurry but still finished the make up and managed to take some shots. I had a bit of a problem, since I've had blue or green hair for almost a year, and I was lacking the best red colors I once had. Luckily I still have some Grimas eyeshadows!

I didn't want the look to remind too much of some kind of a halloween make up. More likely, I wanted there something mystical with some kind of referring to occultism. To get the right atmosphere, I also played a bit with my camera settings to get the blue look (though, I balanced it just a bit with orange filter). The lenses are Fire from Crazy lenses.

So, here's something for Hedda!

I used mineral foundation since it seems to reflect the flash, making the skin appear almost white. I also used Grimas eyeshadows and Max Factor's waterproof liner - that decided to peter out in the middle of the process. Damn. Gotta get a new one soon.

Red is an interesting color to try to shoot in winter time. Depending on the light, it might look completely different. Kind of like my skin. In certain light it's pale as ivory, almost grey. 

 Happy Satan is happy.

 Talk to the hand - 'cause Satan ain't listening?

...and so on.

I already have something in mind for the next weekend's make up but if you have any wishes, I'd be glad to hear! I'll try to post some photoshoot material during the week. Thank you all who have already joined Shadow Selves! And a special thanks to Jangsara, who linked this blog and made it possible for more of you to find me. :)


Shadow Self


  1. ai että oot taitava! :) hienoa taidetta saat aikaan meikillä ja poseilla/ilmeillä.

    1. Kiitos kovasti. :) Ihan hauska välillä väsäillä näitä tällaisiakin.

  2. Hedda is satisfied! <3 \:D/

  3. Aivan upea tämä blogin ulkoasu. Meikkaat aivan uskomattoman hienosti! Liityn seuraajien joukkoon, nyt kun löysin tämän blogin. :)

    1. Kiitos kovasti! Ja tervetuloa lukemaan. :) Blogi on vielä aivan uunituore (viime keskiviikkona perustettu) ja kaipaakin kovasti lukijoita. <3


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