Innocent catalogue pictures

This was one of the most interesting catalogue shoots I've been in. I thought that this kind of style wouldn't be me - but actually the clothes looked marvolous and so cute that I would seriously love to get some of these.

All the clothes are Innocent design and the catalogue photos were taken by Jenni Kaurila from Studio Nevian. 

Peacock feather texture. I just love peacocks! Okay, my friends would ask "What bird species you don't like?", but peacock is one of my favourites!

This shirt had back part from lace. Quite a personal solution and I love it!

(Sidenote: As a kid I hated jeans because I didn't think they fit my body at all. Nowadays... Well, I think I could wear them more often! The jeans in this picture are just some random jeans.)

Oh noes, a smiling cyber hippie! This dress felt groovy. Fabric was something very smooth, almost like satine but just a bit heavier - still very light and airy.

"Oo look at that, I'm wearing white!"

Design: Innocent
Photos: Jenni Kaurila


  1. Voi miten aurinkoinen toi hymykuva! <3 Upeus oot <3 En malta oottaa että nähdään!

  2. Last one is very innocent looking =D

  3. Tuo riikinkukkokuosi sopii todella hyvin, ei ehkä ihan sun normityyliäsi mutta kannattaa ehdottomasti pistää korvan taakse.

    Ja Ida farkuissa... pelottava ajatus, ilman kuvatodisteita väittäisin ettei oo tapahtunut ;)


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