My Inner Natasha

Last summer I did a photoshoot with three photographer students. Their teacher was Arto Soini, a photographer who was behind one of my earliest photoshoots. Arto asked me to do some modeling for the students, since they had a task to practise doing the lights and instructing the model.

That was one of the greatest shoots I've been and the results were awesome, too! The lights did so much and I was completely satisfied with the results. It was also interesting to see how different styles could three different people create in same surroundings. This one is my favourite, taken by Jere Satamo (Js Disain):

This photo was taken by Jere Satamo, too:

 And here's two photos taken by Johan Robertsson:

What was hard for me was to just be completely still and let the phogographers instruct me. They said I was a fairly easy model because even when I tried not to offer anything, I still did. Darn! Made it too easy for them. ;) I should try to learn to be more relaxed since it seems to give such nice results. Jere Satamo actually asked me to do another shoot that had very interesting theme! I'm waiting for it with enthusiasm!

After the photoshoot I stayed with Arto and took a couple shots at some kind of a field. I'll show those shots later.

The rest photos from the shoot can be seen in Shadow Self -facebook site.

Oh yeah, and here's the make up look of the day.

Shadow Self


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