Vixxsin 2013 spring catalogue

I was supposed to post these next wednesday but had the permission a bit earlier. So here you go: some material from the Vixxsin catalogue photoshoot!

The Vixxsin clothes are designed by Jenni Salmela. Clothes are clearly alternative spirited, I'd classify them to goth, rock and punkish style. They can be wickedly cute and at the same time ass-kicking cool. In Finland you can buy them from Back Street.
All the pictures of this entry are taken by Jenni Kaurila of Studio Nevian.

This costume was very comfortable! Fabric was very soft and flexible. A good example of how a garment can be at the same time cute and still kind of badass. "Yeah, I'm a pink Punisher! >:)"

I loved especially this mini skirt! Kinda butt flattering. "Dat a--!"

This dress can be tightened with lacings.


This one was very nice. I usually don't wear hoodies since they don't fit my figure that well, but this one had the nice detailstrap in the middle, making the waist look nice! So it won't make you loose your curves.

Later I'll post also some Innocent catalogue pictures. They are something a bit different!

Design: Vixxsin / Jenni Salmela
Photos: Jenni Kaurila


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