As I promised, I tried some new make up today. I got a bit excited and played a bit with my blond extensions. I usually wear them under my own hair so that I can create white endings. But today... I tried how I would look as platinum blond.

Then I played a bit more and changed the lip color. But since the lack of a good quality lip stick, I didn't end up with that good results. Anyways, it was fascinating to see myself with such platinum blond hair. I have pretty much always had dark colors or something bright.

Anyways, to the make up part.  I don't use yellow often. Trying the color to the inner corner of the eye was quite fun and didn't look as goofy as I thought it would. Reminds me kind of like some sort of lagoon.


Anyways, it was fun! And the new camera is awesome. I should still learn to do things more manually.

There you go: a little bit of smile, too! (Accidental smiles are the greatest!)

Oh yes!
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